Project 3

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This project is a continuation of my previous project, now including a landing page to market the app, Jam.


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When I found out that we were continuing the designs from our second project including the onboarding and homepage of the app, I knew I needed to change a lot. I loved the layout of my app but something did not feel right, so I changed the entire color pallet. I wanted to name the app Jam, so I decided to be playful and pick a jam/preserve color theme. I was really excited about how this turned out after changing my homepage of the app. The colors were warm and inviting and more invigorating than any of the colors I had before, and it really challenged me to think more carefully about colors because I am using very bright hues.

I had much more fun with these designs after I had a purposeful color palette and a clear idea of my logo and branding. I went full out on the colors, I wanted it to be in your face and colorful. The overall idea of the app is that it is a simple music streaming app that allows the user to explore and find new music and create playlists easily along with having the option to listen to the custom made playlists the app makes. I wanted to create an app that was a more personal way to listen to music that isn’t like other apps that allow you to be followed and follow your friends and see their activity.

Overall, I am really proud of my designs I think they are incredibly playful and fun. I think it is a very different take on music streaming apps that strays far from current popular apps. I learned a lot about how to make sure every element fits well with the whole design and take in consideration every single fine detail.




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